Welcome to Island Lake of Novi

Welcome to the Island Lake of Novi Community website.   Our goal is to keep the community informed on upcoming events such as meetings, annual parties or special events.  For special events specific to your sub association, check out your association's page under "Associations".  If you would like something special posted, please contact the Boathouse office, ilboathouse@outlook.com.



"Good to Know"


Our Friends in the Woods

We have animals that roam freely in our woods. Deer, squirrels, rabbits and even coyotes. Although coyotes are not a threat to people, just be aware they are out there if you do have small pets. Never approach a wild animal for your own safety.


Trash and Yard Waste Pick-up

Thursday is pick up day for garbage and recycling. With the exception of Reserves and Preserves which is Tuesday. Yard waste is typically the first full week of April through the end of November. Please cover your waste containers and secure your recycling so on the windy days it doesn't blow into your neighbor's yard. Holidays will push pickup out one day.



Improve the safety of our community.

That's why I signed a petition to Oakland County Road Commission, which says:

"As the development on 10 mile road through Novi and Lyon township accelerates the frequency and severity of vehicular accidents is on the rise. How many more of our friends, family and neighbors do we want to put in harms way? This is a dangerous intersection that needs a remedy now! "

Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name:






Interested in renting the Boathouse?

Information and Calendars for the Boathouse can be found under

the "Island Activities" tab 



Resident Handbook



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*** Babysitter Corner *** 

Need a babysitter?  Our list can be found under "Associations/Master Community".  If you are interested on being on the list, please email the boathouse office, ilboathouse@outlook.com  

Help Needed also found under "Associations/Master Community"

Walking the Dog?

Please remember when walking your dog(s), the trails may be used but not the shoreline trails.

   Pets should always be on a leash.

Please pick up after your pet and don't leave the bag behind.

We have also installed doggy depots in some areas of the neighborhood. 

Thank you!