Contact Us

If you would like content added to the website, or have questions concerning the Boathouse or Amenities please contact the office.   

The Boathouse:
50444 Drakes Bay Dr.,
Novi, MI 48374

Office Contact:
Carrie Martin, Community Manager
Phone: 248-349-2770
Email address:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Master Community Board:
President - North Bay – Rob David
Orchards – Tom Valade
Vineyards – Alison Dolin
Shores – Jerry Singh
Reserves -

Woodlands - Bri Gillis
Woods – Mike Carznota
South Harbor – Scott Daly
Arbors -

Management Companies:
AMP manages the Orchards, Shores, South Harbor, North Bay, and The Woods
AMP can be reached at: 248-374-9375

Kramer Triad manages The Vineyards, The Preserves and The Reserves.
Kramer Triad can be reached at: 800-317-3025

The Metro Group manages The Arbors
Metro Group can be reached at: 248-745-7100

Please contact your respective company regarding sub-association specific questions or regarding your association dues or trash pickup.